Welcome to the site, where favourite breed is the most favourite breed Ц of course it is the AIREDALE!   


     How! You do not know our pedigree features yet?! And so: the main thing in these cheerful dogs Ц staunch optimism, temperament and inexhaustible energy! The dog - the Perpetuum mobile!

     AIREDALE is convenient on the size: neither it is great, nor it is small that for city apartment Ц it is important. Not to mention such prose as absence at AIREDALEs  a smell and a moult Е replaces the Moult plucking.

     Also it is necessary to notice that all owners of dogs can be divided on those who likes to put out every day simply a wool scoop Е

     And on those whom arranges periodically plucking the dog more, and to live in the house without a wool. Both those, and others Ц are right, a matter of taste.

     Ah, you have already got AIREDALE?!. Well, you "have got"!.:-) Storing on a sofa will not your hobbiy any more:


ЂЕ both in a beautiful weather,

 and in a bad weather, in heat and an icy cold Е

 Well who will deduce you to walk, wander on pools Е

 Will dispel grief, will relieve of melancholy,

Will forgive injustice, it is malicious without remembering,

Will get to the core of" the friend УfalsenessФ, will not let him in?

It is your dog,

It is  Our AIREDALE!!.!ї


     To all other, AIREDALE is clever and easy trained dog. It can be trained on sports or search and rescue serious work. It is willingly trained in any service, whether it be.

     Thus if you have dared to join our numbers, further all learn!

     So, once again - Welcome!

The owner of nursery,

the head of breed a ton Airedale

 in Kennel Club of St.-Petersburg of

Samusevich Valentina

Tel.+7 (812) 532-32-71,

 Mob. +7 (911) 705-89-69

E-mail: vullpet@mail.ru

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